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Sharaf Rashidov’s Open Memory Lesson using Augmented Reality technologies


“For sustainable development, we must master our digital knowledge and information technology, which will lead us through the shortest path to achieve all-round progress. In the modern world, digital technologies play a decisive role in all areas. From the Message of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the Oliy Majlis 01/24/2020

On March 12 this year in the Jizzakh region in the secondary school No. 10 named after Sharaf Rashidov, by the initiative of the International Public Foundation Sharaf Rashidov, in cooperation with the company “SmartChain” LLC, a presentation was held. Presentation twas held using educational interactive postcards for schools, using augmented reality technology (English “augmented reality” – AR). The theme of the presented postcards with augmented reality is “The life and work of an outstanding statesman and public figure, writer and poet Sharaf Rashidovich Rashidov”.

To interact with postcards, you need to download the NazzAR augmented reality application, available for free in the Google Play and AppStore platforms. When the application is launched, access is opened to select languages, then the smartphone camera is turned on, when the smartphone camera is pointed at the postcard, content is launched in the previously selected language with a story about the life and work of Sharaf Rashidov.

The presentation was attended by the leadership of the regional department of public education, representatives of the Sharaf Rashidov Foundation, school directors, teachers and high school students. The head of SmartChain LLC, Bobur Rakhimov, spoke in detail about the importance of creating modern, adequate information content for the younger generation of Uzbekistan about the historical and cultural heritage and unique natural corners of the republic, that in this context, the use of innovative digital technologies is a form that contributes to the development of patriotism and understanding the importance of preserving the cultural heritage of their country, acquiring new knowledge in various fields. So, answering the question of Tulkin Ibragimovich, director of school No. 10, Bobur Kamolovich confirmed that augmented reality technology can be very effective in teaching almost all school disciplines, and is also applicable in a huge number of different areas of human activity. The entire audience showed great interest in the speaker’s speech.
The Sharaf Rashidov International Public Foundation presented a Letter of Appreciation for the excellent work don to B. Rakhimov and intends to continue cooperation with SmartChain LLC. The Foundation believes that this first experience of using educational postcards with augmented reality technology for schools in Uzbekistan, developed by this company, which has international recognition, experience in working with foreign and domestic consumers, may also be of interest to representatives of various sectors of the economy, departments and companies of the republic.

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